Influenced by literature and the cinema, Sapna Khan's work focuses on narratives and storytelling, an approach she utilizes in the realms of portrait, photojournalistic, and editorial photography.

Hailing from a family of painters, writers, and poets, Sapna developed an appreciation of all forms of art at an early age. This ode to the arts is present in her photographs, forever echoing stories of wonder, wordlessly.

A journalism graduate of the University of Westminster, London, Sapna went on to attend the Speos International Photography School in Paris.

She has exhibited her work at the ArtRooms Fair - Rome (2019), Emozioni in Mostra - Naples (2019), Spéos Gallery - Paris (2018), Art NouMillenni Gallery - Barcelona (2017), Art Baho - Barcelona (2017), the Brick Lane Gallery - London (2016), and Nairang Art Gallery - Lahore (2016).

The recipient of an Honourable Mention Award in the Tokyo International Foto Awards 2019 and five Honourable Mentions in the 2018 and 2016 International Photography Awards, Sapna is currently based in Lahore, Pakistan, and her work has been published in Forbes magazine.

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