In The Land of The Lost River

Cholisthan, a land riddled with mystery, where each sand dune has unbelievable tales to tell. Legend has it that the Lord of Wind and Water heard the princess, Phulann Rani, singing while bathing in the sacred waters of the River Sarasvati.

Ucha kot Murrot da; tay haith wegay darya

Mein machli darya di; tu bagla ban ke aa

[The towers of Fort Murrot are high; with a river running by

I'm a fish of this river; won't a pelican fetch me and fly]

The lord fell in love with the princess, and desired to take her to his abode in Mount Kallash in the high Himalayas. Infuriated by her refusal to submit to his wishes, he ordered wind and water to destroy Fort Murrot and everything around it. To thwart the lord, the River Sarasvati changed its course and vanished, taking with it all but the faintest legend of what once lived on its banks.

The only trace of this bygone civilization that now exists is on the faces of its people, forever travelling through the drifting sands in search of their lost River. Sapna Khan followed them on their trail through the land long since abandoned by Sarasvati, and witnessed their unwavering determination to bring her home once again.

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